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Having got the marathon of anthology typesetting and three sets of coursework out of the way, I need something to do to keep me off the streets. University term starts this week, but as I only have two classes (that’s 6.5 teaching hours a week, with 5 Saturday day schools) I have plenty of time for various projects:

  • Catching up with Eireann’s poetry exercises which I fell woefully behind on due to aforementioned marathon.
  • Getting all the printed anthology loose ends tied up so I can forget about it for a while.
  • Having said that… exploring some ideas I have for marketing the anthology (postcards and bookmarks, anyone?).
  • Working on the anthology website (yes, I know I said I’d forget about it, but…)
  • Getting some of my work published. It’s about time.

I Am Not A Published Author

One member of our writing group keeps posting Facebook statuses boasting (quite rightly) that “IAmAPublishedAuthor” (he is, not I am). Every time he does this I feel a flash of envy. Then I feel a flash of irritation. With myself.

How am I supposed to ever get published if I never send anything off?

well, duh.

So I have had stern words with myself, and I spent much of yesterday researching competitions and magazines that are worth my while submitting to. There are an awful lot of them… which is a Good Thing.

Then I went through all my short stories and poems and listed them, along with brief notes on what needs doing to them (most of them need significant revision, but that’s ok).

And today I’m printing everything off and working on an entry to the Templar Poetry Collection competition. I am deliberately not thinking about my chances – if I do I’ll realise they’re slim and I won’t bother entering. Which is the attitude that’s got me to where I am today. i.e. IAmNotAPublishedAuthor.

I shall keep you updated on how things go.


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