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Today was a good day… and this was one of the reasons…

After them!

Emily and Christian spot a porter with a trolley of boxes heading towards the finance office… “Quick! Don’t let them get away!!!!”

I suppose we'd better...

“Come on Christian, open that box!”

It's hard to cut parcel tape with a key

“OK, OK, it’s not easy to cut parcel tape with a cupboard key…”

Maybe not...

“I hope they’re all right… perhaps it would be best to leave them in the boxes…”

Too late!

Oh… wow… it’s looking good so far… those spines are just beautiful…

Just... wow...

Looking pretty damn good to me…

A delightful foursome

Just look at them. Perfect.

You may be among the three people in the world who don’t know that Sheelagh Gallagher recently became a granny. Well, now I know pretty much how she feels. I’m so proud and excited… and I didn’t have to do all the work to produce that bundle of joy!

Christian Ashton and Emily Cooper have made something awesome. Remember those names – these two are going places! And… make sure you go along to the launch event on June 7th at 7pm, Waterstones Nottingham.

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