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Another nice week. Thursday was great for things dropping through the letterbox. First was this:

Nottinghamshire County Council 'County News', July 2012

Errr… this is what our elected representatives think is a Good Thing to put through their constituents’ doors?

Then this:


I knew I’d been awarded this prize, but didn’t quite believe it until the letter came. I’m absolutely bowled over – very very proud. It’s been a hard slog at times over the last four years, not least when I was floundering in the morass of depression, but every single minute of it has been worthwhile, and I’ve been so lucky to have the chance to study on the CPW programme.


Parking Contravention Notice

…didn’t dampen my delight at all!

So, this week has been another good one. Blake and I have just topped it off by making Nigella Lawson’s Bacon Brownies, which are utterly amazing. How that woman isn’t wider than she is tall is completely beyond me. During an exchange of Facebook comments, it emerged that these confections are Blake’s new god. So of course, he had to pray to them.

Blake worshipping his new god

With that I shall leave you, and reluctantly clean my teeth before going to bed. I want to keep the taste of bacon and chocolate in my mouth for EVER!

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