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Beeston Poets logoIt’s official – Beeston Poets is back! We have a website and a logo and everything! (do you like the logo? I made it! (it was Cathy’s idea to make the stinger into a pen nib though.))

I’m so excited to be involved in this project… I can’t stop talking about it. I missed the first Beeston Poets series, which ran from 1983 for nearly 20 years and is still remembered fondly now by many Beeston and Nottingham poetry-lovers, so being a part of its resurrection feels like an incredible privilege.

Anyway, here’s a rundown of what it’s all about.


To bring the best in contemporary poetry to Beeston, of course!


At Beeston Library – the original venue for Beeston Poets – which is welcoming us back into its new upstairs space that might have been made especially for poetry readings.


This is the really exciting bit…

Jackie KayThe series will re-launch on Saturday 20 October with Jackie Kay, a favourite from past Beeston Poets readings. She is delighted to be asked to read for us at this event, and we’re pleased to have her. I’m particularly pleased, as I’ve wanted to meet her for AGES and what with one thing and another I haven’t managed it yet.

Essential Poems from the Staying Alive Trilogy, edited by Neil AstleyFollowing his adjudication of the Nottingham Open Poetry Competition on Saturday 24 November, Neil Astley will be reading for us from Essential Poems from the Staying Alive Trilogy, published by Bloodaxe this year. The Staying Alive anthologies introduced me to the breathtaking range of contemporary poetry, so I’m particularly looking forward to this.


1948, by Andy Croft and Martin RowsonOn Saturday 8 December we’ll be entertained and edified by Andy Croft, whose most recent book is 1948, illustrated by Martin Rowson and published by Five Leaves. It’s a comic novel, written entirely (and I mean entirely, including the foreword, contents and acknowledgements!) in Pushkin sonnets. Andy is a great performer, and this will be a highly entertaining evening.

What next?

We’re still considering plans for 2013… watch this space… or better still, subscribe to our email newsletter and we’ll keep you up to date with everything.

Whose fault is all this?

The partners in Beeston Poets are:

  • Nottingham Poetry Society (Jeremy Duffield, Cathy Grindrod, me)
  • Nottinghamshire Libraries (Sheelagh Gallagher, Gill Rockett)
  • Five Leaves (me, Ross Bradshaw)

… just so you know who to blame!

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