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I can’t contain myself any more… I know Ross will be annoyed that I’ve leaked this information, but I’m just so excited!

Five Leaves is going to release reprints of all of Rose Fyleman’s wonderful books about fairies! Our Bromley House Editions reprint of ‘The Rose Fyleman Fairy Book’ has been so successful that we plan to follow it up with reprints of over fifty books of delightful stories about fairies and other supernatural folk.

The first of these – ‘A Princess Came To Our Town‘ – will be released in December 2012, and we’ll be publishing a book every month thereafter for approximately four and a half years. We’re thinking of offering a subscription to these collectable volumes – contact us if you’re interested.


Alongside these books we’re planning to work with local creative artists to develop associated merchandise, including fairy dust; sets of wings that not only glitter and sparkle but will enable you to hover just above the ground; magic wands topped by stars made of fairy toenail clippings which will calm the crossest boss; and much more. Here you can see a photo of Five Leaves publisher Ross Bradshaw demonstrating an early prototype of the Fairy Hairdryer.

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